03 September, 2009

Domain + Free Blog/Site + Free Email @ yourdomain.com
You are the right place if you have the below mentioned questions
1. How to build your own website without spending astronomical figure?
2. How to get my own free email service with one time money spent on your domain?
3. How do I host my blogger/BlogSpot blog to my own domain?
4. I don’t know HTML and I don’t want to host my own website, is there a free site provider who would let point my domain to that free site??
5. How do I have custom domain on my blog?
6. Can I host multiple blogs with multiple sub domains on my domain?
If you have got the same above questions then you are at the right place.
This post will tell you how Google and your Domain provider can help you save cost by spending only on domain and building your free site and enjoy free email service.
Step 1:- Register your domain
It is highly recommended that you have a domain at place. Incase if you don’t have one, then I would suggest you to buy a domain (eg: www.yourname.com). There are tons of domain registrars which you can find on WEB visit this link. To name few these are the domain providers
Each of these providers will provide you with complete DNS Management. DNS Stands for Domain Naming System. DNS server determines what site a given address takes you to.
Your DNS will have the following features.
· CNAME - to create multiple sub-domains and domain forwarding
· A Records – to point your website to an IP address
· MX Records (Mail Server Mapping ) – specifies where mail for a domain name should be delivered
Step 2:- Get your Blog, Site & Email Service developed with free service provided by Google.
Now you have 2 options, either you can get your site or your blog called under your domain using Google Services.
· Your blogspot domain – i.e. www.blogger.com (free blog service by Google)
· Your Free email & website by Google – i.e. yourname@yourname.com Click here to signup to use free standard edition service provided by Google Apps.
· Google Apps will provide you with
§ Gmail - Get custom email like hikingfan@yourname.com
§ Google Calendar - Organize your schedule and share events with friends
§ Google Docs - Share online documents, presentations, and spreadsheets
§ Google Sites - Create websites and group wikis
Once you configure your blog for your domain. You can get your blog under your domain eg: http://yourname.blogspot.com will appear as http://www.yourname.com or http://blog.yourname.com
Step 3:- Map your blog /website to your domain
There are two things required to be done to move your blog/webiste
1. First you need to configure your domain that any request coming to the domain has to be pointed to my blog/site
To do this, visit your controlpanel/DNS page provided under your domain.
Creata a CNAME Record i.e add a “Alias” for eg: blog pointing it to google.
Host Server
Site Address(how it will look)
http://im.rediff.com/uim/hosting/flag.gif Active
http://im.rediff.com/uim/hosting/flag.gif Active
http://im.rediff.com/uim/hosting/flag.gif Active
2. Secondly you need to configure your blog/site to tell that it would be called by a different domain.
· To Configure your blog visit this following link
· To map your google site visit SitesMappings tab from control panel of your Google Site page. 
Step 4:- Map your email@yourdomain.com to Gmail 
1. Read the instructions to verify that you own the domain which you want to be pointed for your email.
2. Configure your domain by visiting DNS page. Change the Mail Server settings to
Mail Server (Example: mail.your-domain.com)
http://im.rediff.com/uim/hosting/flag.gif Active
4. You can map mail.yourdomain.com to the email service provided by Google by entering Manage my domain tab from your Gmail i.e. email provided by Google.
Your Website with multiple domain names and free email service is ready
Feel free to drop your queries /comments on the same.

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