06 June, 2008

Hectic Week.... First Client Assignment

Post joining F-I-S i never got a chance to say oh yaa i had a hectic day... work was smooth with out any pressure over ...
For the first time i could feel the heat interms of work and my deliverables.
It began with last week thursday where for the first time indian office was called to do assessment for one of the clients system.

This was the first time i was put before a client, and it was a very good experience to understand clients business, understand their pain points, understanding their existing infrastructure (how complex people could build systems).

AS part of the assessment the client went through us on their existing system with all business and operations users joining the session. Talking about their system and pain points followed by their wish list for the proposed system.

This gave us a brief overview of what they do... so the next step we took was to do the walk through of each application. To see how the information flows to understand what are things are automated and where manual intervention wasthere... and this actually helped us to understand why they need a diff solution....

(to be continued...)

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