24 February, 2009

Naukri.com Job Search now on Gtalk
Recently I received a mail from Naukri.com team saying they have introduced a new feature which would let you do job search, look at the job description and apply to the jobs, all through giving instructions to a Gtalk chat window.
Wow… Awesome feature isn’t it !!
Gtalk is widely used Instant messenger and the best part of this messenger is it comes from Google and that’s why it’s not prohibited in most of the companies. It also lets third party ids to support their services like IBN Live news Alerts etc.
This makes Gtalk the most promising, useful and widely used Instant messengers.
Follow this steps  -
1.     Add this id “jobs@chat.naukri.com” in to your gtalk
2.     Wait till this id accepts you.
3.     Once accepted open a chat window for this id.
4.     Type “Help”  - to look at the available options
Job Search Tips
1.     Type “js business analyst banking”
2.     This will list the first 3 job listing based on the given search
3.     If you wish to see next 3 jobs type “next” on the chat window
4.     Each job will give a overview about the co. and the responsibilities along with a attribute called “jobid”
5.     To have a look at complete job description type “jd jobidname”
6.     To apply to this job  type – “apply V4CC2  naukri-username”
Look at the sample job search