08 January, 2008

Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)

This blog will help you in understanding what AMFI is about, who should go for this certification, training material and preparation guidelines.

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visharadh said...

thanks for the info

Prabhu said...

Hi a friend of mine is a MBA/BE. She is not so good at communication. She is intersted in taking up a carrer in a Bank. Is it adisable for her to take up AMFI certification. Is the exam easy; would she get a Bank job if she clears that.

Unknown said...

hi, i ve done pgdba from symbiosis in operations mgmt but opted different field. now i am planning for AMFI. is it easy to do AMFI without base or general knowledge abt mutual funds

Geetesh Jain said...


AMFI Certification helps you in understanding the concepts of Mutual fund, its types of products and the functioning of the Mutual Fund Co.

So, ideally its suited for all people who wish to gain knowledge abt mutual funds.

Arvind Nigam said...

Hi, buddy im Arvind im doing my MBA in Finance. I want to take up AMFI exam can i directly go for Advisory module.

Geetesh Jain said...

Arvind, you may directly go for advisory module as it will cover basic+some additional chapters like financial planning etc. This is actually required by people in MF business so that they can offer right Mutual Fund schemes to their clients.

Unknown said...

I am learning ms-finance from icfai university hyderabad.and to go in mutual funds till the completion of my degree I have to prepare my self for the amfi advisor module but for getting confidence in taking exam i am to go through the online modal test papers and was trying alot for that and now when searching for the same through the google i click on the Gyan Guru and came to know of the link for the online advisor module of amfi

yaar there is no limit of my happiness...................

thanks for the information and the links that will help me in getting myself preparing for the exam and that will lead to the starting of my carrier in finance

anil aggarwal